This article will give you a clear understanding of how El Niño and La Niña (ENSO) influence our climate as well as how they affect our Australian Farmers.

timothy Barratt

As wheat production costs skyrocket, the weather needs to behave more than ever!  Sowing for the winter crop is nearly complete. Even though the crop is waiting to emerge, a quick snapshot on current macro events suggest that the hard work is all just about to begin. Given high input prices, the weather needs to behave […]

brown grass field under blue sky


timothy Barratt


Farming is the only business, that we are aware of, where producers buy inputs at retail prices and sell their output at wholesale prices. It’s no wonder that we continue to witness diminishing returns from an industry that is so vital to our existence…

timothy Barratt

With climate change fast-emerging as a major financial risk, a legal specialist from Clyde & Co says that company boards now have a duty to respond by considering the risk-management options available…

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timothy Barratt


For some Australian Farmers it is the third winter crop in a row that has failed, for others it’s the second. A small handful however, are beating this drought…

timothy Barratt

Picture of Australia showing effects of drought on wheat yields