The late Autumn break for many growers means that in some areas we have an increased chance of frost occurring. Extreme temperatures are estimated to cost the broadacre industry $1.1billion annually, this potentially could be bumped this year given current favourable conditions and late flowering. Here is how farmers are mitigating their Frost risk with Weather Certificates.

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Frosty Wheat

It is often said that cropping in August and September are the money months for the Australian Broadacre Farming Season. Here is why you need to insure these Money Months.

Broadacre Farm


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Farming is the only business, that we are aware of, where producers buy inputs at retail prices and sell their output at wholesale prices. It’s no wonder that we continue to witness diminishing returns from an industry that is so vital to our existence…

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Decile 1 rain in April, low subsoil moisture, and neutral climate indicators could mean trouble for Australia’s Central Wheatbelt farmers if the Autumn break is not substantial.


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A partnership aimed at strengthening the resilience of developing countries and to protect the lives and livelihoods of poor and vulnerable people against the impacts of climate change and natural disasters

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Natural disaster aftermath

CelsiusPro, in partnership with Risk Frontiers, has been commissioned by the World Bank and by the Pacific Catastrophe Risk Insurance Company (PCRIC) to assess the feasibility of excess rainfall and drought insurance in order to protect the Pacific Island Countries from extreme weather events.

Satellite Image of Fiji Flooding


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With climate change fast-emerging as a major financial risk, a legal specialist from Clyde & Co says that company boards now have a duty to respond by considering the risk-management options available…

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picture of cyclone from out of space

Vulnerable Australian Farmers lack the support they need from the Government to hedge against increasing financial losses caused by climate change. Weather Derivatives can bridge this gap…

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For some Australian Farmers it is the third winter crop in a row that has failed, for others it’s the second. A small handful however, are beating this drought…

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Picture of Australia showing effects of drought on wheat yields

CelsiusPro are proud to announce a new initiative. Our Zurich Head Quarters signed an agreement with InsuResilience Solutions Fund (ISF), the South African Land Bank Insurance Company and…


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