Australia’s Most Innovative Parametric Hail Insurance to Date

timothy Barratt

September 2, 2022

Using the Hailios Technology, CelsiusPro brings to you Australia’s most accurate and innovative parametric hail insurance product on the market.

Meet Eyewitness

Hailios has created the world’s first compact, wireless hail detection & analysis system called Eyewitness. The device captures the most complete hail data in the world, delivering unparalleled data and new environmental insights. The sensors collect granular, hyper-local, ground-truth, cloud-based data in real-time.

Using this Hail data, CelsiusPro can create Parametric Insurance Covers to protect your income from the expensive damages that hail storms can cause.

CelsiusPro is working with many Agricultural industries such as Sugar Cane, Mangos, Pineapples, Bananas, and Broadacre cropping to foster resilience and protection from destructive hail storms.

What are the Benefits?

How Does it Work?

A payout is determined by the max size of hailstones that have fallen on the sensor as well as the intensity of the hail measured by the frequency of strikes between the first and last hail strike in the storm.

Below is an example of a payout matrix.


Example: A hail storm occurred over an Orchard with $250’000 worth of hail cover. The max hail size recorded on the sensor was 2.1cm in diameter, and the hail fell at a moderate intensity. Hence the farmer’s payout would be 25% of $250’000 which is $62’500.

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