CelsiusPro helping to ease the effects of climate change for vulnerable communities around the world.

timothy Barratt

December 17, 2019

CelsiusPro are proud to announce a new initiative. Our Zurich Headquarters signed an agreement with InsuResilience Solutions Fund (ISF), the South African Land Bank Insurance Company and the Frankfurt School in developing a truly sustainable solution for small holder farmers in South Africa. This is a great example of how index-based insurance products are easing the effects of climate change for vulnerable communities around the world.

Roughly 240 000 small holder farmers in South Africa at risk of going hungry, will now have access to financial protection from drought by 2021. CelsiusPro’s very own @Mark Rueegg states “We are proud to provide, an automated insurance administration platform enabling quick payouts, reducing costs and making insurance affordable for smallholder farmers. It is our aim to include poor and vulnerable people into the financial system.”

With the success of index- based insurance solutions like this and in Kenya we hope to see it being used more widely as a tool to mitigate the effects of climate change and climate related looses around the world. Australia and its farmers especially, can directly benefit from these innovative insurance based products in its fight against severe drought and other adverse weather conditions.

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